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From instrumental duo to a louder band !

HERSCHER 1st Ep - 2010

HERSCHER started in 2009 with a first eponym and instrumental Doom/Stoner EP. This is the beginning of 2 years spent to defend this first EP on stage !

After about thirty gigs having led the band in Estonia, Canada and all over in France, playing with Picture Me Dead Blondie, Howling Grizzly, Estoner, Fordamage, Alaskan, Holy Divide and many more, HERSCHER decided to record a second EP. These two years pasted on the road didn't prevent them to compose, and mainly give them the envy to level up the project and offer a more accomplished music.

HERSCHER Pursuit Ep - 2012 So, the recording of the second EP is entrusted to Serge Morattel (Rec Studio, SW) who's worked with Knut, Lofofora, Impure Wilhelmina, and many more. Serge Morattel handled all the production and gived a precious help. Some vocals were added and the band gained a louder sound. "PURSUIT" is released in 2012 and HERSCHER is back on the road. The band's touring in France, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, playing with Hellbats, The Atomic Bitchwax, Hangman's Chair, Missiles Of October and many more.

Then, after all of this, the guys gain in trust and motivation, continue to compose, experiment and doesn't miss ideas to level up the band. So, in their perpetual quest, René and Matt try to add new instruments in their music. The band gained some synth map, a heavyer sound and his music take a new dimension ...

HERSCHER evolves now towards a deepest Doom/Sludge with some massive Drone sounds.

The band follows its path and came back to Rec Studio ... The 's first album is released in march 2015 and the band started to defend it on stage in Germany, Poland, Ukraine with bands like Pneu, Nevraska, Cult Of Occult, Wreck and Conan.