Sevastopol/Lybimovka (CRIMEA)   28/07/2017   Rock Hotel
Simferopol (CRIMEA)   29/07/2017   Rock Club Blackout
Evpatoria (CRIMEA)   30/07/2017   Rock Club Inout
Aspet (FRANCE)   30/09/2017   Festival L'HOMME SAUVAGE with Neonymus, Stille Volk, Treha Sektori and more...


CLERMONT-FERRAND (France) 13/05/2017 Raymond Bar with Hangman's Chair and Witchfinder
VILLENEUVE D'AVEYRON (France) 30/06/2017 30/06/2017 VIOLENT APES FEST with Agnosy, Ansia, Boom, Doomsisters and more...
CLERMONT-FERRAND (France) 15/04/2017 Raymond Bar with Zaum and Telepathy
KALININGRAD (Russia) 25/02/2017 Detroit 39 with Burning Loss, Kocytos, Gentle Tick, Constructions and Grasping Veld
BREST (France) 19/11/2016 Mondo Bizarro with Sunstare
BREST (France) 18/11/2016 with Sunstare
CLERMONT FERRAND (France) 24/09/2016 Coopérative de Mai with Heksen, Infekted, Pay to Die and Sezomorn
PRAHA (Czech Republic) 17/09/2016 TBA
DARMSTADT (Germany) 15/09/2016 Oettinger Villa with Odd
CLERMONT FERRAND 21/04/2016 Maison Du Peuple with Conan
NURNBERG (Germany) 19/03/2016 Projekt 31 with Wreck
DARMSTADT (Germany) 18/03/2016 Oettinger Villa with Wreck and Terrotika
PARIS 17/03/2016 Le Cirque Electrique with Chaman Chomeur and Crushstomp & Stompcrush
THIERS 19/12/2015 Le Metro with Bering and Mémé Louise
LYON 29/10/2015 Le Trokson with Cult Of Occult
BEAUMONT 13/10/2015 Le Tremplin with Nevraska and Format
LVIV (Ukraine) 24/05/2015 UTM
KALUSH (Ukraine) 23/05/2015 Maxwell Pub
KIEV (Ukraine) 22/05/2015 Tykva Music Hall
TERNOPLI (Ukraine) 21/05/2015 Koza Bar
PITESTI (Romania) 19/05/2015 Club Hush
BANSKA BYSTRICA (Slovenia) 18/05/2015 Tartaros Club
BIELSKO BIALA (Poland) 17/05/2015 Rudebay Club
CHEMNITZ (Germany) 15/05/2015 Subway To Peter
GENEVE (Switzerland) 14/05/2015 Urgences Disk, L'Usine
CLERMONT FERRAND 17/04/2015 Raymond Bar with Burnt Hand
NEVERS 09/04/2015 La Cave Surprise with Pneu
LEZOUX 02/05/2014 Chez Ren’s with Drunk Diver
CLERMONT FERRAND 08/02/2014 Raymond Bar with Hangman’s Chair and Sonic Angels
CLERMONT FERRAND 26/09/2013 Raymond Bar with Varsovie and RedKIS
PARIS 17/08/2013 Cantine de Belleville with Estoner
LEZOUX 16/08/2013 Chez Ren’s with Estoner
ALYTUS (Lithuania) 13/08/2013 Roko Doubé with Estoner and Insane
KAUNAS (Lithuania) 12/08/2013 Underground Pub with Estoner
RIGA (Latvia) 10/08/2013 Nabaklab with Estoner, Diseim and Eschatos
TALLINN (Estonia) 09/08/2013 Von Krahl Bar with Estoner and Luna Vulgaris
CLERMONT FERRAND (France) 06/06/2013 Corum St Jean with Mardi
CALAIS 09/03/2013 MPT with Riot Of The Damned
BRUXELLES (Belgium) 08/03/2013 DNA with Missiles Of October
NANTES 07/03 Atelier de Bitche with Formanex and The Phantom
CLERMONT FERRAND 23/02/2013 Salle Camille Claudel with Stone Blind Woman
NEVERS 26/01/2013 Café Charbon with Peter Peter Falk and Godbleed
CLERMONT FERRAND 10/12/2012 Raymond Bar with Father Merrin and Sektarism
PARIS 13/06/2012 Combustibles with The Atomic Bitchwax
CLERMONT FERRAND 03/05/2012 Le Baraka with Hellbats
CLERMONT FERRAND 31/12/2011 Cosmic Bar with Ratzinger’s Sins
CLERMONT FERRAND 03/12/2011 Kitchen’s Private Show with Paven
TARTU (Estonia) 05/11/2011 The Rock & Roll with Estoner
TALLINN (Estonia) 04/11/2011 Kodu Bar with Tolmunud Mesipuu
TALLINN (Estonia) 03/11/2011 Kodu Bar Private Birthday Show
LYON 28/09/2011 Au Bar des Capucins with Drop Denise
PARIS 10/09/2011 Cantine de Belleville with Denizen and 13 Zealots
CLERMONT FERRAND 08/07/2011 Le Ruben’s with Tony Wanks
CLERMONT FERRAND 21/05/2011 Raymond Bar with Fordamage and Room 204
MONTREAL (Canada) 06/05/2011 Piranha Bar with Alaskan and Holy Divide
ANNECY 09/04/2011 Comptoir De La Folie Ordinaire with Stone The Crow
CLERMONT FERRAND 25/03/2011 Ruben’s with Temesta and Stone The Crow
NEVERS 05/03/2011 La Cave à GG with NI and Stuntman
PARIS 03/03/2011 Café De Paris with Quartier Rouge and Stuntman
CLERMONT FERRAND 22/01/2011 Le Ruben’s with Breaking Strain and The Squirrel Project
POITIERS 17/12/2010 Numéro 23 with The Bottle Doom Of Lazy Band
METZ 19/11/2010 Dock 412 with Grossacs and Caniveau Bal Rhum
CLERMONT FERRAND 18/11/2010 Le Ruben’s with Ratzinger’s Sins and 1912
LYON 16/10/2010 Métal Café with Stone The Crow and Six Shooter
CLERMONT FERRAND 01/10/2010 Salle Camille Claudel with Girlfriend In A Coma
POITIERS 18/09/2010 Café du Clain with The Mylons and Swyt
CLERMONT FERRAND 15/06/2010 Le Ruben’s with Ratzinger’s Sins
LYON 05/06/2010 Trokson with Bad Siam Cat and Stone Blind Woman
PARIS 23/05/2010 Star Café with Picture Me Dead Blondie and Howling Grizzly